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About Us

Leach & Co specialises in the solid waste industry with emphasis on landfill design, construction, management and operations, closures, rehabilitation including landfill gas collection, destruction and gas to energy systems construction as well as managing refuse transfer stations. Waste management is our core business; we operate in the waste industry in New Zealand and the Pacific, striving for “Cleaner Communities” and take great pride in the quality and service delivery on all our projects.

Leach & Co is a privately owned and operated waste management company operating in the solid waste management sector including local government in New Zealand and our wholly owned subsidiary company, HG Leach (Fiji) Pte Ltd, operates in the same sector with the Department of Environment in Fiji for the Fijian Government. Leach has operated in the waste management sector since 1998 and has a well-established and proven track record, including an excellent Health and Safety track record

Leach & Co was established in 2018 following the Board of HG Leach & Co Ltd resolution to restructure the company into two separate companies, one focusing on the aggregates and quarrying industry and the second concentrating on its landfilling and contracting business. HG Leach & Co was established in 1952 and the company has been an active contractor in solid waste management for the last 20 years. As a result of the restructure Leach & Co was established and came into being on 3 September 2018. As part of the restructure, having undertaken close consultation with our key customers in the Wellington region, all the company’s waste industry contracts were assigned from HG Leach & Co Ltd to Leach & Co. There has been a seamless transition for all parties, and we continue to operate business as usual. As part of the restructure, HG Leach (Fiji) Pte Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary company solid waste management company has been bought by Leach & Co and forms part of our portfolio.

We have extensive expertise, experience, skills, resources as well as trans-border experience working in the Pacific since 2004, specialising in solid waste management, resource recovery, recycling, waste minimisation, transportation of waste including scrap steel and vehicles. Our experience includes design, construction, operations, management closures, rehabilitation of landfill including landfill gas collection, destruction and gas to energy systems construction, refuse transfer stations, organic waste diversion and resource recovery and recycling of various commodities including ferrous metal, plastic, cardboard which are diverted from landfill for beneficial reuse.

Leach is a member of the:

Responsible corporate citizenship of this type has clear and tangible benefits for Leach’s clients. Membership of industry bodies ensures frequent peer review and a formal commitment to industry best practice.

Minimum requirements include:

  • Compliance with, as a minimum, all legal & statutory requirements
  • Applying the principles of best practice, sustainable development of natural resources and continuous improvement
  • Reporting on environmental performance.

Responsible environmental management

Minimal environmental impact at all levels is a key aim of all Leach & Co’s operations. Good environmental practice is integrated into all aspects of the company’s operations as part of a sound, long-term planning.

The company is committed to demonstrating excellence in environmental management through an environmentally responsible culture.

Leaches management system for the NZ based activities are certified to ISO 14001: 2015.